I used to play bass in Heavy Rock bands around the US. Thanks to Rails Girls and online learning I started working as a Support Engineer for a startup. There I got to use data and graphs in Excel and Tableau and wanted to know more about D3. I took courses online (great: Scott Murray and MIT), went to conferences and took workshops (favorite: Andy Kirk).

In music and making things to start you copy others that do stuff you like and then change it. So I thought this must work here too, making many mistakes on the way.


This one only for the pleasure of changing colors no data involved yet, wait for it to load and then move the cursor to paint:

Watch where you serve the file that is being edited, I spend time wondering why nothing worked and it was just a duplicated file in another folder that was showing in localhost. Typos! It's really not 'stoke' or 'postition': Sublime spellcheck is fn + F6.

- shorter loading time
- circles instead of bars
- make it a harp with sound?

*thank you cagrimmett


Here are the temperatures of the last 3 months, as finding archival data was too time consuming I just populated the .csv by hand from Wunderground.

When you stare blankly at the screen and the brain is fried, do take a break.

- an average temperature line
- rainfall, actual and average
- mouse over tool-tip on the hottest days, record?
- how to get raw historical weather data
- try to use blue one day

*thank you d3noob


Here I wanted to try to modify something I don't fully understand (boids?), but find intriguing to look at. Mesmerizing in full screen mode with Apollo 11 on headphones: Mission Control

Use the console Luke! Look in Network, when 'Status Code:304 Not Modified' you are editing the wrong file. Again.

- change the colors of the circles by mouse over
- can this be attached to mp3's?
- stop staring, commit and push

*thank you jfire


There is a dataset from the National UFO Reporting Center-NUFORC that I found intriguing and it gave me the opportunity to learn the beginnings of data cleaning. I did it with a lot of slow workarounds and can't wait to learn how to do it faster.

Date formating changes when saving as a CSV from Excel and back and you will loose all the work and have to reformat again, so do make a source copy and don't cry. When copy pasting between Text editor, Google Sheets and Excel to hack it, data probably gets lost, instead use multiple cursors in Sublime (CTRL CMD G) to clean up jumps in the formating of the original file between the centuries. Use a macro to extract the URL to a new column.

(it's .jpg not .jpeg if you want to see the picture referenced as .jpg)

- same transition time on the tool-tip as the initial one
- map with per incident and date toggle

*thank you


I have Illustrator files that I sent to a steel laser cutter for Jewelry, this would be interesting to import as an SVG and work with.


- mouse over transitions


I downloaded a UN data set about contraception use worldwide and extracted the columns male and female sterilization. Just by noticing numbers that stood out I wanted to look up certain countries and learned about how they use it in ways that have little to do with limiting family size and more with reducing unwanted types of population.

sketch coming

- how to clean up empty rows
- combining different year ranges without loosing data
- links to the countries use of sterilization, tool-tip?


As Mr McCandless says: go for data that stupefies, bewilders, or frustrates and that is the situation of Scooters on the bike paths in Amsterdam for me. How can it be that identical looking machines go (often at the same speed) either on the street or next to the many bikes in the city. My thought is to show the silhouettes of both scooter versions and list the differences, then show a map of density over time. CBS has rather detailed datasets free to download.

sketch coming

- get data on scooter variations
- how best to show dutch and English versions
- find 1974 law that opened the loophole
- future development with coming Millieuzone?